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Treat Your Selfie to a SoulFull Sundae

The human experience is an identity experiment.

What character and characteristics can one connect to?

To align to a "higher" self is to elevate the frequencies of our energy fields. To shape shift our environment is to blur the lines of what is and what could be. It is the meracle of gratitude.

Appreciate every single moment exactly for what it is and release the memories of what you're not.

The adaptation to our attraction is to add traction to where we're at (+traction).

To feel dis-ease is to be within distraction.

Simple math is a simple remedy to feel better and be our Best+ie.

Loving our self worth is what constructs our self esteem.

I may not know my price but I know what life costs.

Be entitled to nothing and worthy of everything. Give the advice to your reflection as you would honor the glory of the retrospection. Release the dis-ease and attract the ease.

Sometimes the selves see outside, when our destiny is constructing what's inside and our life stories align everything BE side.

Be your selfie

@ttraction is a destination as much as its a journey. Be where you're at to become where you belong. Go where you grow. That's the perfect @.


Want to shift realities? Letting "that" go to access your "this" starts with a simple exercise.

What You'll Need:

  • Your Selfie

  • Your Thoughts

  • Water

The situation/thoughts/ideas you want to release are a compilation of collective energies. Gather those thoughts. Pile them in a category within your mental capacity. (Picture your mind as a city of precious mental real estate.)

Access your water source: the shower, a bottle of water, any form of moving water.

Enter the water with the intention of cleansing the thoughts. Purify the thoughts to their purest form with the water washing your physical matter. This will allow you to draw your self out of the thoughts and let the cleansing concept enter into your reality.

As you close out your exercise, set your intentions of the emotions, feelings and thoughts to replace the collection of thoughts you just released. Set the intention that with the closing ceremony of the water, you let go of the negativity to allow for the positivity to come home.

Your body is an energy field of your potential. Purify your purpose by powering on your potential. It starts with visualization of a transitory process: let go & let god. In the practices of our alignment, our spirituality will connect us to the fields of momentum that best serve us our sweetness - authentically our way.

Love these tips?

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May your Soulfull Sunday feel light, be light and light light.

Yours Truly,


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