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up, up, and a way.

11/6/22 directions of retro spec+ion

Happy is a repellant as much as its a propeller. Up up and a way. Up, up, and away. Both lead to different destinyations. Content is the quota. Content is the basis of so called "balance" for when we are content, even our physiological responses are in coherence with all of the other -ogical systems, including the logical. Content is a form of compassion packaged with purity.

We are all home on our way to home. The house we coexist in is that which was coexisted for.

As above, so below.

What's perfect in our placement is the precision of latitude and longitude.

As above, so below. What's perfect in our playcement is our atttude + gratitude.

Up, up, and a way. Up, up, up and away.

The ways we expand is expansive adaptation.

Manifestation is the attraction of our access ideas. Materialization is the crystallization of said subject.

In any reality, we can manifest. In any reality, We can access. In every reality, we can orient.

To manifest the magic of meracles is to materialize the access of the unknown. The unknown is the spectrum of what's experienced, what's conditioned, what's viewed and what's you'sed. The unknown is a figment of imagination. To manifest the meracle of magic, imagine the mindset of the known.

Up, up, and a way.

11/6/22 the design of our certifycations

we awaken when the spirits of our souls resonate through every vibration of our be(ing) - all as one, one as none.

Between our birth certificate and death certificate, are infinitely various certificates to certify an acknowledgement of an existence - pure existence. All of the memories that are comprised of a body's being is the reference of what was activated for the life span of said soul and so said soul is the reference of awakened spirits who passed through some variation of that who.

Between our designed birth, our designed death are a series of breath - at the basis of living.

Every miracle of the being is the design of the breath; for every invisible is nourishing our visible.

As a body is formed, an entire nature of species is created: a generation, a reincarnation, a new animation - of every matter to ever even exist. Between the design of our birth and death are languages - from, to and by. Every way we stay in motion, there's motion. For every object, there's an objective. Together as the mirror mind that we are capable of the constructs of our pre-disposed composition - tissues, cells and a spirit to awaken a soul - forever more - as you - as i - as us, here and now.

Self-Acknowledgement: "I know one thing: I know nothing. I attract knowledge. I magnetize The Known."

11/9/22 the depth of our deals. the growth of our pee(k/l)s

"if the mind can go there, it's a series of events before the body is introduced."

Delusion is a cross-viewed intersection between what's seen and what's scene. It's our physiological mechanics that are "new" to anything. Every single other and not other thing is created, constructed and collective. If you've gone there, you're from here. If you've been 'here,' you are there, too. We are all imaginative figures manufacturing ideas via the mind of an I and the brain of the me.

Re read that. The mind of an I and the brain of the me.

Any emotion or feelink or biological response, reaction or reflection is a brain pathway - simple as that.

Every think else is mind. matter. manifest.

The manifestation is a scene of the collective forces magnetizing.

To attract, multiply the polarity of the identity of any entity - your spectrum for that narrative creates infinite attraction points: to redo, renew, re you and review. The mind of i is merely the attractor of your levels of consciousness. Dispel the story of anything but.

Aerial views. Ariel you's.

As a shark, like a mermaid.

Self-Acknowledgement: "I am cognizant I am a cognitive function of re(+/-)cognition."

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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