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Wonderfully Wise. Wildly Whimsical.

What makes fairytales so whimsical and wonderfull?

The immense amount of hope in meracles.

This life is a fairytale. Every moment, every breath, every blink is a meracle.

Through energy, we sync vibrations.

Through auras, we connect destinies.

Auras speak to consciousness.

Energies speak through awareness.

Within the i's of our reality, our eyes design our fairytale.

Our wild and free is our imagination.

How amazing can I make to day?

To day isn't necessarily a time. To day is an intention to our day for our purpose.

We wake up meracles. We breathe in blessings.

The beauty of life is when we know to morrow is an illusion; today is our magic.

Every today is a series of this, this, this.

For fairytales are fantasies of our desires and destinies.

Our future self is constructed energies materializing through internal i's.

Our present self is an aura collection of the connections.

It's what divinity designs as relativity. Its our subliminal language of our subconscious.

Our wild imagination is our wonder of joy.

I wonder how to day can be the best. I wonder how to night can top the best.

I wonder how my cellves construct the rest.

Let curiosity cultivate your wow.

May your presence be your greatest present.

May the gifts of your glory light your path of love, laughter, and happily ever after.

May the light of your light light your path through the mountains you move, climb, and design.

May you always be your selfie+ and go where you grow.

I believe in you. You're here for a reason.


How to be more creative, innovative and imaginative:

  • REframe

  • REshift

  • REdo

  • REyou

The goal is to evolve as we revolve.

When things get challenging, revolve as you evolve.

Build a routine. Yes, build. (You are the foundation)

Heal through your habits.

If the pattern of your existence is anything less than your greatest potential and no longer serves your BEST selfie, shift.

ReFrame, ReShift, ReDo, ReYou.

Innovate your self to imagine your next best reality.

The meracles of your magnificence begin from within.

with in.

Go with out

to explore

with in.

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