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Wright Right

The power of the unspoken word can resonate forever. Consider philosophers of the ancient world and their influence on billions of people today and centuries to come. Perhaps it's something much simpler such as that one shoulder grasp from your favorite high school coach that reminds you that you’re a champ. Sometimes, it’s the instant anger and anxiety that comes spontaneously after you've survived an abusive relationship.

The power of the unspoken word can resonate forever.

Writers will agree.

You never know what you’re going to write until the pen hits the paper or in today's age, when your fingers touch the keyboard.

Writing allows your mind to focus on what thoughts its processing. Each word is outputted by your brain and the following sentence is still a future away.

What comes next?

Writing is therapy.

Word therapy. Thought therapy. Life therapy.

It’s an escape for your thoughts, feelings and all the other "stuff" to be addressed to you. Literally.

Do you communicate with yourself?

Do you?

How do you give yourself advice? Don’t you wonder why you’re capable of giving the best advice but can’t seem to take your own.

Write Right. It may not make sense, but sometimes our thoughts don’t either.

You can write to feel right. Or just write to figure out what’s right. You can write to right a situation. Or just write what’s right.


Journaling is more than the mainstream image of writing in a diary after a breakup as the tears soak up the paper and the ink is smeared on your palm.

Writing is for whatever you want it to be.

  • Write to feel right? Write your personal thoughts. Vent to the paper. Let it be an emotional escape.

  • Write to figure out what’s right? Trying to make a decision? You can write out pros and cons, create a diagram or solve equations. Write out your ideas and solutions to find the perfect one.

  • Write to right? Fix a damaged relationship with an apology letter. A handwritten note or even any personally written letter can improve a situation – even if it’s just for you.

  • Write what’s right? Journalism. Cover a subject. Write to inform, not just influence.

The power of the unspoken word can resonate forever.

Start today. Wright right.

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