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Entitled to nothing. Worthy of everything. Styles of Stories & Grace in Glories.

May the magic of your moment offer mercy to your metrics. May the volume of your voice vibrate the strength of your softness. May the stories you feel become the way you heal. May the audio of your ambition amplify the acoustics of your self symphony. May the forgiveness of your feelings love through the radiance of your beings. May this moment align you to the meracle of your new, next, best.

2.25.22 | 11:56 AM | Cellibrating Selfies of Styles Through Dials

The way we nourish our 'new, next, best' is the way our time reflects our mind.

Any and everything is possible - it's about vibrating our cellves to our now and aligning our selves to our new.

Our renewal is our contribution.

The way we grow is to withstand the storms and become reborn.

Every moment is an opportunity to be light, feel light and light light.

When we think of the things that we've survived, our minds process a collective compilation of any and every thing we have ever been taught and every thing our self has ever sought.

The reflection of our eye is a perception through our "i"

What is the I? Who is the Now?

The way we ask our selves questions is a spiritual redirection to our reception.

The self of love is the love of self.

How do we process eMotions? We go with the flow.

How do we embody the feelings? We animate the eMotion.

It is a matter of communication, comprehension and collectiveness - all through awareness and with in our selfie.

What is life without the words that construct a thought of a thought?

Perhaps life is the surrendering to the dreams delivered through the practices we place in our play.

Our fun is our fundamentals to live within ease, flow, bliss and this.

This is to see the scene of your been, being and BExComing.

This is to step into your light, love, laughter, and happily ever after.


Picture your self center stage at a concert with thousands of people.

The lights go off and it is pitch black in the venue.

Ask every single person to power on their phone's flashlight and point their light towards the stage.

What do you see from your perspective looking out into the audience?

What is the uniformity of behavior?

How is the perception from everyone's reception?

Now pause. breathe and be.

Imagine at one collective movement, everyone waves their hands in the same exact motion, same exact timing and same exact direction.

What happens to the lights? What do you see from center stage? What does the audience see from their perspective? What does an aerial view look like? What does the sound look like? What does the acoustics of the uniformity through the light actually feel like?

Pause. Breathe. Be.

Does the vibration align to your being or are you aligned to the vibration?

The way our energy connects to our belonging is the way we perceive what our awareness is receiving.

See through the moment to be present within your presence.


Pause. Breathe. Be.

Take five minutes to dance to your celebration anthems.

Embody celebration through your cellves and from your selves.

Gather all of the beings you've been and introduce them to the beings you're becoming and have a dance party.

What does this feeling of alignment of your character feel like?

What song comes to mind that gets you dancing to the groove in a fun way to move?

Feel joy in your jubilance.

Feel ease in your peace.

Feel the presence of this present.

You are a gift.

Today, tomorrow, and every day in between.


Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



Selfie Brand Designer | AmeraFattah .com | Metro Detroit


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