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Manifesting Magic. Making FairyTales. MEeting Fantasees.

May the generosity of your gentleness lead your legacies with light, love, laughter and happily ever after. May the faith of your future light up your now with the grace of your glory. May the words that resonate reflect the radiance of your BExing. May the now of your DOxings become the transcendence of your true-ing. May the words that shape you, shift you. May this moment meet you as the meracle that you are for all that you have become.

2.11.22 | 7:44 AM : Faith by design. Fantasee by assign. A Fairytale of all time.

The fairytale of our faith is in our reception. The fantasee of our feelings is in our perception.

The data is always there.

The dimensions are the dynamic delusions of what our self is capable of perceiving within life's illusions.

It is in all ways always already answered, seen and delivered.

It is a matter of faith in our feelings that we align our worth with our work.

Safety of self is a-line-ment of selves. Security of cellves is deliverance of selves. How we align our systems is how we co-create the curriculums.

It's a transference of talk. It's a delivery of dreams. It is a space bar of stories.

There is a gap of our dreams in order to explore the unseen.

Our fantasies are the feelings that structure the emotions to our own evolution to match the magic of our best versions with the momentum of our sweetest observations.

Every fairytale is a story of a dream.

Every fantasee is the feeling of futuristic fairy tale feelings felt in the dream and designing our next scene.

When we surrender to the sight, the angels warp us right on site.

It's a patterning of 3-6-9. Oh damn, it's mind. (Resourceful Resource: Manifestation Method-ology)

How we man-you-facture our manifestations is how we multiply our magnifications.

Focus on the futures of you.

Magnify the magic of i.

Let love lead the legacy of your faith, fairies and fantasees.


Imagine your life as a catalog of creations, characters and construction concepts.

Hold the magazine within your hands and touch the texture of the front page bound together with options of your existence.

Within this magazine are all of the versions of your selves that you can design as your self.

Every page you turn has faces and spaces you can connect to and grow through.

Look at your hands and flip the pages of your potential. What do you see? How is the texture talking to your self?

Selfie Reflection: How do your cellves feel?

As you ask your self questions about the versions of your selves, consider the way your cellves talk to you.

How does your body feel?

When you shift dimensions to your past, present, and future, how do the past versions of your selves feel? What about the future versions of your self?

Look at your hands again and flip the pages of your potential.

How is your breathing? What emotions are making their way to evolve your perception?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

What page of your potential are you on? What images do you see on this particular page?

Look at your hands again.

What sensations do you sense? How are your other senses aligning with what you are coordinating with your fingertips?

Visualize your realities and see which one feels the most "real" - authentic to your character, integrate+able within your integrity and valuable through your val-yous.

Collect the characteristics of your creativity and cultivate a culture of your co-creation.

Every thing is a matter of imagination ahead; it's in our innovation of selves that we integrate this version of our self through our cellves.


How does it feel to live your life's work as a matter of your personal worth?

What questions do you ask your selves to pursue the passion through your self?

Every question you construct is an answer to resurrect.

The resources are already within you.

To ask a question for your self is to heal a heart through your cellves. It begins with in and grows with out.

The compassion factor of our empathy evolution is the practice of what we preach.

Practice passion as an act of compassion. Practice empathy as an art of evolution. Play the practice and then perfect the play as a place within this phase comfortably within a sweet pace.

Grow as you go.

Go where you grow.


Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



Selfie Brand Designer | AmeraFattah .com | Metro Detroit


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