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Parallel Dimensions. Universal Attention.

May the ways you self repair pair you with the magic of what you are. May the ways you show you care be the karma of all the amazingness of nothing as everything. May your every think be the sweetest returns of your every thing. May the simplicity of your being be the welcoming of your be longing. May the way you are patient be the reparation of your presence. May the moments of your fortitude be the fierceness of your growth attitude and the rise of your eternal altitude.

3.27.22 | The signs seen. The science scene. The unseen sees.

Through reality’s transactions, the humanness meets life’s re+actions.

Our reception of what is is merely a state of possibility.

There is no permanence to a state of mind much like our state of mine is a concept of possession.

Our growth is a state of free-form in which flow is a+float.

Like love on purpose: to be fully a form of nothing. To love. Out loud. Is to radiate the aura of our authentic selves.

Our nothingness is our foundation of for ever.

The fields of abundance are within us.

The way we re-source our selves is the way we replenish our cellves as a new sense of a self; the miracle of the pause. Breathe. Be.

Our magic is in the way our bodies can release the stories from within our systems and be freed into our lives through our own convictions.

To stand tall is to recognize what is a part of the fall and the way to rise above it all.

The spiritual realm is all encompassing, ever knowing and eternally flowing.

The way the wind drifts through time is like the sunshine re-starting all of time.

These are the moments to disperse the nothingness of our selves as the iridescent glitter of our defined wellth.

Meracles are abundance in the form of infinity.

Angels are magic guiding us through divinity.


Imagine your life as a catalog of creations, characters and construction concepts.

Hold the magazine within your hands and touch the texture of the front page bound together with options of your existence.

Within this magazine are all of the versions of your selves that you can design as your self.

Every page you turn has faces and spaces you can connect to and grow through.

Look at your hands and flip the pages of your potential. What do you see?

How is the texture talking to your self?

Selfie Reflection: How do your cellves feel?

As you ask your self questions about the versions of your selves, consider the way your cellves talk to you.

How does your body feel?

When you shift dimensions to your past, present, and future, how do the past versions of your selves feel? What about the future versions of your self?

Look at your hands again and flip the pages of your potential.

How is your breathing? What emotions are making their way to evolve your perception?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

What page of your potential are you on? What images do you see on this particular page?

Look at your hands again.

What sensations do you sense? How are your other senses aligning with what you are coordinating with your fingertips?

Visualize your realities and see which one feels the most "real" - authentic to your character, integrate+able within your integrity and valuable through your val-yous.

Collect the characteristics of your creativity and cultivate a culture of your co-creation.

Every thing is a matter of imagination ahead; it's in our innovation of selves that we integrate this version of our self through our cellves.


Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



Selfie Brand Designer | AmeraFattah .com | Metro Detroit


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