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the fabric of fantasee's; the texture of faith

May the texture of your talk soften the strength of your story. May the depth of your volume deepen the meaning of your voice. May the vibrations you dance through elevate the frequencies you rise to. May the meaning of your messages inspire the momentum of your magic. May the faith of your fantasies fulfill the fairytales of this phase. May the timing of your trust empower the love as a must. May the grace of your glory lead you into the passion of your story.

Faith is a pace.

God is a place.

Love is the face.

Vessels of voices - we are translucent, transparent, and transformative.

The eternal evolution of our BExing is in our interactions of our reality: inter X action: the actions within us, without us and between us.

The faith of our feelings is our guidebook.

Intuition is paying attention to our "in" and valuing the worth of our tuition. In tuition is a phase of being within and living without out.

We are portals of possibilities through the evacuation of our vernacular. The cleansing of our thoughts is the washing of our waste.

Where we have wronged, we have right. Where we have hated, we have love.

We are only as deep as the reflection of our depth. We can only meet people as much as we have met our selves. We can only see meracles as much as we have radiated one.

The being is a body of a concept of a construct.

Soul is a savior. Soul is a spirit passing through you, rising through i.

Isn't this the meracle of connection? The unspoken sweetness of our story that resonates through our energy.

How we view reality is how we design destiny.

How we design destiny is the dimension of our love and its intensity.


Picture yourself holding a slinky in your right hand, then pass that slinky to your left hand, extending the slinky between both hands and creating movement in the material.

As you hold this slinky and move it around with both of your hands, imagine the movement as ocean waves. Hear the ocean waves swooshing through with every wave of every piece of the movement.

Now imagine, is there a correlation between the movement of our hands and the ocean waves? Did your imagination bridge your vision to the audio of the ocean waves? How did you connect the sound and movement to the waves of the slinky?

Now stare at the slinky as you move it between your hands, increasing the speed. Paint a rainbow with your eyes across the entire slinky and even paint your hands with your eyes. What colors do you see? Did the colors blend naturally across the moving slinky? or do the colors blend as the slinky continues to move like ocean waves?

Let this be a visual therapy practice that inspires you to see the light, be the color and wash away your thoughts like the ocean waves of your imagination. Your fairytales are a way of designing your destiny. Your fantasies are the construct of the density.

Now imagine the slinky as your spinal cord. The movement of your momentum is already within you. You are capable of moving your energy just like you can radiate the rainbow within your malleability. Be an ombre effect of your imagination and blend it right into your innovation. As you color your chakras, you cultivate your creativity.

Color the world with your light.

Radiate your love through your light.

May you always #BeYourSelfie

and in all ways, #GoWhereYouGrow.

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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