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The reflection of wild. The introspection of a while.

May the height of your happy root you to the depth of your growth. May the joy of your jubilance align you with the jumping for your journey. May the exhilarating factors of your feelings allow you to construct your energy to match your identity. May the character of your characteristics love your being to the becoming of your choosing. May the freedom of your ferocity reign true to your time. May this moment magnify your magic to the wild, wonderful and onederness of the now.

2.9.22. 6:09 AM

Wild Child. Wonder Woman. WOW | MOM.

Any thing is possible. every thing is possible. nothing is i'mpossible.

Where there is space, fill it with grace. Where there is void, hear the noise. Where there is joy, press play and injoy.

Be in joy to enjoy.

Bliss is a state of mind. Joy is a phase of mind. Euphoria is a pace of face.

Who we are through our evolution is how we co-create our own revolution.

In the separation of self, we evaluate our selves; an emotional audit allows for a reflective closet.

What feelings do we wear? What judgements do we bear? What depths of self do we dare? How much can our cellves, selves and self even care? Is it even or is it odd?

Being wild is making the time worth while.

As beings of time, we're transporters of talk, tech, and the every thing in between.

The ashes of the past are merely the stories of selves that passed.

Every thing is no thing: nothing.

We float through life as flow.

We lead through light as light. We love our wonders as our own blunders.

When we are transparent, everything is apparent.
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When we are true, we parent the apparent. When we are "you", we child the wild. When we are "i," we mom our wow.

When we remove the words to re+place the intention, the attention changes too.

Everything is energy but nothing - no thing is the cumulative, comprehensive and collective force of everything , something, and anything.

It is easier to re+frame than to rexblame. It is wiser to re+play than to re-bound. It is kinder to revise and revive.

The choices of our intention are the force shifts of our attention. The dispersion of our energy is a multiplier of our frequency.

How often do we frequent the joy, bliss and wild of our inner child? How high do we turn up the frequency of our selves at the next mile?

Smile. Smile. Smile. Life is but a dial.

Tune into your wild child. Love through your wonderfull. Wow all of your whoa's and bless all the directions you grow.

Be light to be the light. Float through what you flow through.

Step out of your body and into the dust of your dreams. Be wind as a winner. Be a saint from a sinner. Revive the lives of the life your dreams that you once couldn't even consider.

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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