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Unwind the Times. | Design The Mined.

Style Your Success from the Hustle Of Your heArt

6.9.22 | Vessels. Decibels. Uni+Bells.

"Day-by-day, nothing changes, but if you look back, every thing is different."

Our views of our world are a gradient of our vision.

How we dream is the production through a universal theme; between the signs, science and spirituality is an empty space in which all of any, every and no thing of think are formed as a source.

Every think has a soul as every thing is a sole.

We are the catalysts of co+creations: as awakened perceivers through a body of mechanics organized as functional structures and a live by the divine identity of a "BExIng."

In the end of a nothing, is a beginning of some thing. Only perceived words are able to be distinguished as weighted worth through our own personal wisdoms.

The styles in which a human identity evolves through a being is the realms of reality revived from what is survived.

All of the elements that comprise the Earth are taught blessings in the structure of a theme of subject matter.

How a self(ie) learns is the way it re/up/i cycles the cellves, selves and me of the invisible to awaken the sense+ations of the spirits once dreaming. out loud.

6.10.22 | Reviving the Life of a MeRa

Observations of the best of the best introduce what's next as the new of the ReYou through the i and within theMe.

The better we understand the way we are, the less to know and the more to grow.

The manner in which we utilize words of people, the diversified styles of selves expands through all of the formats of you, me and we.

As merrors of spirits within beings, the portals of possibilities are viewed through multidimensional mindsets as multi media lenses: eMotions, like gratitude and compassion; thoughts like a designated state of mind: euphoria, bliss; BExhaviors: the alchemy of feelinks to a co+habital within the mind mechanics of a BExIng: not particularly as a human, but rather as a collective.

The sphere of influence in the realm of reality is an audible nothing and invisible something.

As one inverts thoughts of thinks, the comprehension of our mode+alities is merely an alignment to the modular mechanics of our systemic operations - through our styles of thoughts, emotions and feelinks and from the signs, science, and spirituality.

As a collective, love; as a co+creation, be.

6 . 13 . 22 | Salvation. Saints. Songs. Strength.

Chapter: compassion.

The coming together of evaluations is the value of you within your use+age.

All of our styles of love are a format of growth within a state of self: the 3 patterns of sequences through a systemic format of ions as a BExIng body.

Repeat and affirm: I am love through life. I am life as love."

Be rooted in your growth.

As everything feels new as a pace, embrace the phase.

What's different in reality is organized within matter and styled through mind.

The patterns of our best eMotions are the DOxIngs and un+DOxIngs.

To be free, feel light, be light, light light.

Implement beauty in each moment with each magical BExIng of a you. The passages from here and now are in all ways for always now, now, now.

See the structures as salvations of strength through angels from all angles.

The words are wisdom. The knowledge is growth.

The prophecies are portals of you to you from i to eye.

Trust the meracles this chapter offers from the ways you alchemized through light from love, laughter and happily ever after.

The alterations of our styles are the floating feelinks of beginning an evolution of a renew: a ReYou.


Imagine your self as a series of characters.

Write down these characters on a sheet of paper or within your imagination.

To each character of your past, present, or future self, interview them.

Talk through every character that feels aligned to where you are in this very instant. See how the feeling embraces your eMotions and accentuates your ambition.

  • Does it feel true being you?

  • Does it feel like a maze of amazing designing your identity through your alchemy of ambition?

The feelings we vibrate through are the thoughts we speak from. The thoughts we hear are the eMotions we feel. The emotions we feel are the feelings of our future rotating on a wheel.

Let your wheel of fantasees be the fairytales of your forever. See your choices as a collective compilation of your best versions of your selves. Within each character of your self, there are cells re+generating accordingly.

How you seek your selves is how you see your self.

Through the values of our virtue, we RExCognize the cognition of our recognition.

If it minds, it matters. If it matters, it minds.

Choose the choices from the characters that are worthy of valuable characteristics.

As you review through your imagination all of the people you can be and embody, which version of your next best you do your cellves, selves, and self align?

Magnetize the meracle of your mine to the magnificence of your mind.

Love what you've experienced? It's the start of something new. It's the start of something YOU!

Let's continue the story of your sweetness. Chapter 1: Go Where You Grow

Let's take our connection outside of here + right into there >>



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